Our Journey

We began after discovering the calming and insightful effects of Yoga and meditation, followed by an interest in the evil eye, how this originated and why this was popular in many and cultures.

The first piece - the Hasma hand began as a simple art piece, which was then simplified to produce a Necklace and so forth began Néa iméra Jewellery.

Néa iméra (νέα ημέρα) translates 'New day' in Greek, which is a term which enlightened myself that everyday is a newday to make a positive change and began a new journey. The Greek translation was chosen due to the inspiration Greece had on the first piece when simplifying to create the pendant.

After taking on this thought each day, along with the inspiration and confidence that we put into such things as the Rose Quartz, Evil eye and Hasma.... to enhance the confidence to make positive changes in my life, as many others before me had. We aim for our product's to do the same for our customers and therefore have included the spiritual properties of each within the product description, to assist others in finding their perfect stone along with the affirmations tailored to each piece.

If you are buying as part of a gift and would like a more personal affirmation for the receiver, then please get in touch via email after placing the order.